Lex Mundus & Cencla

Litigation, ODR, International Mediation and Arbitration

We have acted in litigation, international mediation and arbitral proceeding against a range of private and public entities. These proceedings have related to claims under employment law, infractions of company law, constitutional rights, infringement of intellectual property and trademark rights etc, at all levels of the court system. Our attorneys have acted for and on behalf of clients in confidential mediatory and arbitral proceedings. Some of our court cases are however indicated below:
  • We acted for a telecom company against the National Labour Commission in NLC/C-379/012/2013/22, Court of Appeal
  • We also acted in a class action for employees against Chinese firm, C.B. Eletctric in Tamakloe Etse & Anor v. C.B. Electric China Co. Ltd for unfair dismissal in Suit No. INDL/11/12. Supreme Court.
  • We acted for a Mobile Network Operator in One 4 All v. Kasapa Telecom Ltd. Commercial Court
  • We acted for a prominent hotel in Highgate v. Ghana Commercial Bank, Commercial Court (2012)
  • We acted for Ghana’s largest fisheries company in Cocas Impex Ltd v. Premier
  • Fisheries Ltd. Court of Appeal (2012) Industrial/Labor Court
  • We acted for a Mobile Network Operator against Omni Media Company Limited
  • We acted for local farmers against major Gold Mining company in Ghana in 2010
  • We acted for a Municipal Assembly against Contractors in D-Class and Others at the High Court.
  • We acted for a leading Architectural firm, Arch-Portofolio in Kabuki v. Prince George and 7ors High Court (2012)
  • We acted for Liberty Chapel International in Klan v. LCI, Robert Marcells & Anor

We represented a group of leading Architectural firms in action which overturned decisions of the Architectural Council in Republic v. Architects Registration Council, Ex-parte Arch Portofolio, High Court (Certiorari Application) (2012).

We have considerable experience in the area of tax law and have advised routinely on taxation issues with respect to corporate transactions. The advice given is on all facets of tax law in Ghana including but not limited to: Basis of taxation in Ghana
• Issues of double taxation
• Tax appeals
• Corporate tax and withholding tax