Lex Mundus & Cencla

Debt Recovery, International Financial Crime, Asset Tracing/Investigations

Advice and solutions for cash-flow control, financial crime, asset tracing and debt management.

We specialized in debt recovery, debt management, risk management and business intelligence and offer these vital services to financial institutions, SMEs, and individual clients.

We self-finance all commercial recovery cases 100%. These are not up-front legal fee payments. We operate strictly on commissions basis, and have experienced and efficient court officers who represent our clients in court, Ensuring that clients able to go about their core business uninterrupted. We also have a well-motivated and professional task-force that is adept at using, administrative means to recover bad debt.

Through our affiliate firm (LMC Group), and extensive network of associates members (majority of who were financial investigators, former intelligence, and police officers) we provide sought-after background checks and enhanced due diligence on loan applicants and potential partners to confirm whether or not you are dispensing credit to genuine applicants, or whether information provided on your loan application forms are authentic. We do this on agreed terms. We also assist with debt settlement agreements, debt purchasing, skip tracing, and asset tracking. As much as possible, we endeavor to maintain favorable relationship between you and your clients.